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Here you can find the past seasons that I have shot.  In most cases I try and keep about 3-4 seasons back on the site so that you can still find images from old events.  If you believe that I was at an event farther back and you think I have images of you reach out to me and I can see if you are in my archives.  All this fun officially started back in 2015 so who knows what I might have of your fun on track.

Oh 2021 How do we love the....

Umm yea maybe not so much on the love part as it was just another bonkers year.  At least we had access to the People, Cars and Tracks to have events even if we did have to rock the social spacing and other health requirements.  

The 2020 Season!

2020 Was a crazy season, a lot of early events were called off leaving late in the season to become a massive scramble. 
I was able to get events for:
SCCA: TNiA at Pitt Race, Club Race weekends at Mid Ohio, Track Days at Mid Ohio.
MVP Track Time at Mid Ohio

The 2019 Season!

2019 Events:
SCCA: TNiA, TT National Tour Stops, Club Racing, Local RallyCross and AutoCross
ARPCA at Mid Ohio

The 2018 Season!

2018 Events:
TNiA at Pitt Race,
TT National Tour Event at Pitt Race,
TT Nat Tour Champ Event at NCM, Club Race
Club Race Weekends & PDX at Mid Ohio

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