2021 GridLife Mid Summer at Mid Ohio

The GridLife Mid Summer Series Event held at the Mid Ohio event saw a little bit of everything.  There was great weather, there was a good rain shower, they all brought out a fun event that was filled with great people and great driving by all.  

Each car has its own gallery with all the shots I was able to get of you already bundled for easy viewing.  Sometimes I was able to shoot some of you in groups and those are in separate galleries, and if you see a shot that you would like to be a part of your gallery purchase please contact me before you make your order with the image file name and I can include it as part of your gallery purchase.  

In addition to the Digital Downloads you can choose different sizes and types of prints.  There are also other keepsakes like coffee mugs and mouse pads that you can have images printed on so that you can share your fun at work or other places.  

If you have any questions about your gallery or the products please contact me before you purchase so that I can work with you get make things correct the first time. 

Thanks for a great event!

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Shots of the Event off the Track

Some of you in the Paddock. 

Some of the GridLife Team that put on the event. 

Some of you the FANS that show up and share the fun of the event.

Untitled photo

The Track Day Drivers

You are organize by the most common run group as I saw you on track.
Each car has its own personal gallery.  If you see shots from the multi car gallery of you please contact me BEFORE you make your purchase and let me know the image file name & I can include it with your gallery.

Untitled photo

The Track Battle Cars

You are grouped by the most common run group that I was able to shoot you in.  Each car has its own gallery identified by the car number for that run group.

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Your GLTC Race Group Cars

There are two areas that you might be in.  One set of galleries are made up of shots that are of multiple cars.  The other set are individual galleries for each car based on car number.   If you see images in the Multi Car Galleries that you would like please contact me BEFORE you order and let me know the image file names so that I can include them with your full gallery purchase.  

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