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22 SCCA TT Nat Tour Pitt Race

Welcome to Fog.....

So it was a little rainy on the Friday before this years TT Nat Tour Event that was part of the Steel Cities Region "End of Summer Bash".  This translated to Saturday morning being opened with Fog.... a lot of FOG.  As so much Fog....
Ok you get the point.  We had a delayed start because we had to wait till the fog lifted enough that both the drivers and the corner workers could see well enough for everyone to be safe.  It turns out that the adjusted schedule was not all that bad and the day went really well despite Mother Nature not filling out her registration paper work before hand (and she forgot her class stuff..... :P )  Oh well its not Pitt Race with out a little something right?

Ok so Yes each car will be getting its own TTNAT Branded photo, they will be in the first row of galleries.  The rest of the photos for each car will be in the next row of galleries based on the class that I have you in.  Please note for SOME 2 Driver cars you kind of forgot to change your numbers over in between Drivers runs and since I cant tell who was in and with what car you might be in a combined gallery (this will be priced as two singe galleries for the full gallery downloads so it might be a good idea to hit the other driver up for some cash for their part.....)

Also just a reminder that in addition to the digital images and full digital gallery downloads you are also able to purchase additional items such as Prints, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads and such with various images printed on them so be sure to check out that option as well.  

As always if you have any questions about your galleries please be sure to reach out before you make your order so that we can make sure to get it all correct before hand.  And if you have any questions in general you are welcomed to reach out as well.

Thanks for putting on a great show all weekend long!

22 TTNat Tour Pitt Race Free Branded Images by Class:

Sport Class Free

Tuner Class Free

Unlimited Class Free

Your Full Galleries: (by class)

Each Car has its own gallery, there were a few 2 Driver cars that forgot to change their number on both sides of the car so both drivers are in the same gallery.

Your Paddock, Saturday Dinner and Winners Circle Photos:

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