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2022 TNiA July 13 Nelson Ledges

It started out as a nice dry sunny day.
Then Mother Nature decided to show up....
Driving changed, schedules changed.  lol

As you can see it rained, and made for an interesting afternoon.  Because of the rain, those who left early will be put into the Small Gallery listing and those who stayed for the full event will be in the Large Gallery listing.  With the small number of cars that were there everyone's free branded images  (a thank you from the SCCA National Office) will be in a single gallery (top row).   The regular full galleries will be next and then the shots from around the Paddock will be in the last row.  There was no parade laps (that I know of).  

In addition to the regular digital images and galleries to download we also have a range of keepsakes that you can get an image or two printed on so you can share your fun at the office or where ever you like.   

If you have any questions about your images or products, please feel free to reach out to me before you place your order so that I can help you get things the way you like.  And as always, thanks for putting on a great show to both shoot and watch in the dry and wet. (I dont get to do many wet events so they can be fun!)

See you at the track soon!

Free Branded Image Galleries

Full Galleries (if you did not run the full event try looking in the Small Galleries area first.)

Paddock Shots

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