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2022 OVR Majors at Mid Ohio

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This weekend the SRF Race Group paid tribute to a long time class member Scott Rettich who passed earlier this year.  They performed a missing man formation lap in his honor with all of the corner workers waving colors and the Mid Ohio Safety Team at full honors guard where they were stationed.  


Cars are organized by the number you ran for the event.  Each car has its own gallery.  Some Race Groups have a "Multi Car" Gallery and this is where images with multiple cars are at. if you find images in these galleries and want it to be a part of your full gallery download please reach out to me with the details and I can move copies of them into your gallery before you purchase.  


In addition to digital files (both single and full gallery downloads) you have the option of ordering prints (in a range of sizes) and other keepsakes (coffee cups, mouse pads etc) so be sure to look into those options out during the check-out process.


If you have any questions about your gallery or images please reach out to me via the contact page before you make your purchase so that I can be sure to help first.

Thanks for putting on a great show all weekend, and be sure to check out BerchakMedia on FaceBook and Instagram!

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