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2022 MVP TrackTime MidOhio Oct


In a year of odd weather Mother Nature was kind to us for all three days of a really fun event.  While it was colder than normal for this time of the year it made it more doable for both drivers, workers (A HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF THEM!) and the cars. 

A good grouping of cars were on hand each day making for some fun on track activities to watch and shoot.  And shoot you all was the activity of the weekend.  In total there was 17,000 photos taken over the course of the three days.  This made for a lot of sorting, processing and posting.  Cars are sorted by Run Groups (based on the color of the number and the session) and by car numbers.  If you ran multiple days you were still combined into one gallery.  If you changed things around and find that you are in multiple galleries and would like to consolidate everything into one gallery (for a more simple download) please reach out to me before you place your order so that I can work with you to make everything correct before hand.

Also there are items in addition to just digital files for purchase we have:

Single digital images
Full Digital Gallery down loads
A range of prints (both sizes, materials and finishes)
Keepsakes (coffee cups, mouse pads, playing cards etc) 
that you can have images printed on be sure to check those out as well.

As always if you have any questions be sure to reach out first and I will be happy to help.
And thanks for putting on a great show all weekend long to both watch and shoot.


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