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2021 SCCA Time Trials Nat Tour at Pitt Race

These are the galleries for the Big SCCA Time Trials National Tour & Steel Cities Region Multi Event for the weekend of Aug 28th & 29th 2021.

I was able to shoot several of the different events that were going on all weekend.  These galleries focus mostly on the SCCA Time Trials portion of the event. (There is a little bit of the Solo event at the bottom of the page in the Paddock gallery. The Club Race photos are from Sunday and are located HERE)   

As a thank you from the team that put on the TT Nat Tour Event each of the these drivers get a single free image as part of your entry for the event. These are in a separate gallery from the regular one (all the free images are in one gallery). For the 2 driver cars: I tried to go by the number on the car that I could see when determining the free images.

Each driver/car combo that ran the TT Nat Tour event has its own gallery so that you can take advantage of our full gallery down load option as well as looking into all the different prints options that we have to offer and don't forget to take a look at the keepsakes (coffee mugs, mouse pads etc.) that you can have images printed on as well.

As with all of our galleries if you have any questions about the images or the products that you would like to order PLEASE contact me BEFORE you purchase so that I can work with you to make sure your order is correct the fist time.

I understand that there was a collection of people that ran both the TNiA and the Time Trial event all weekend. I am happy to work with you on a full weekend package for the digital downloads only (prints and keepsakes are normal prices). Please email me for a coupon code for when you purchase both the Friday and Sat/Sunday galleries.

Because the run grouping was always adjusting for each session I have grouped your cars by the primary color they are painted (or wrapped) with the car number as I could determine (I'm guessing there were several of you that changed your transponder but did not change the number on the side lol).

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