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Sept 23rd 2021 SCCA TNiA at Pitt Race

Your Galleries for the End of the Summer TNiA event at Pitt Race!

First I would like to say a big thank you to all of the people that came out to the SCCA Track Night in America at Pitt Race this season for being a part of a growing program and supporting grassroots motorsports for the 2021 season.  Your energy and enthusiasms for motorsports were fun to watch and photograph this year.

It was fun to watch those who came to multiple events gain confidence and skills over the summer and to watch all of you build a community at the track.  And now to the pictures, like normal as a Thank You from SCCA each driver gets a single free image for entering the event.  These are in a separate gallery and you can find those by clicking on the icon just before the one for your main galleries.

Like normal each car has its own gallery based on the run group that you ran in, if you moved groups and find galleries in multiple groups please contact me and I can combine them into one making it easier to purchase. 

Also if you have ANY questions about the galleries or the different products that you can get with your images printed on them please contact me before you buy so that I can make things correct the first time. 

You probably saw that I did something a little different this event than normal and I tried to get some shots of each of you in your car on the grid.  I had hoped to keep them separated by run group but was not successful on that so they are all grouped together in their own gallery.  Feel free to take a gander through them and see everyone (well most everyone). 

As always THANKS to SCCA, The Steel Cities Region of SCCA and all of you for putting on a great show to watch and shoot.
Hope to see all of you at a track in 2022 sometime, have a safe and happy off season!


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