2021 OH HI HO MVP Track Time Mid Ohio

September 17 to 19 2021
Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

The MVP Track Time Driving Events made an visit to Mid Ohio for a weekend of fun driving on a historical track for 3 days.  

Each driver has their own gallery and you can find it in the run group that you were in based on your car number color.  In addition to the digital copies of the images we have a range of different keepsakes that you can choose from such as coffee cups, mouse pads etc.  This presorting does take a bit of time but a message will be sent to you when the images are ready for you to view them.

If you have any questions about the products or ordering PLEASE contact me BEFORE you place your order so that we can make things correct the first time for you.  

And a big THANK YOU out to Mark and Company for having me be a part of this event and one out to all the Drivers who put on a great show to watch and shoot.

People and Paddock

Novice Driver Galleries

Green Interm #1 Driver Gallery

Yellow Interm #2 Driver Gallery

Blue Advance Driver Gallery

Instructors Galleries

Special Projects

For MVP Corp Office

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