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Capturing your on track passion performance & excitement!

Its 2022!

The year of the 2's !!

So all is back to normal, we are at the tracks and having fun with People and cars.  Right?

Ok so maybe normal is a bit of a reach for now but its a goal.  It looks like the 2022 BerchakMedia season is getting off to a tiny bit of a late start but its getting started.  We will be at The Pittsburgh International Race Complex starting in May with the SCCA Track Night in America event put on by the SCCA Steel Cities Region.  It will be very good to get back to the track and to be shooting this year.  

It looks like the calendar for this year is getting close to being done but if you are interested in having BerchakMedia be at your event please be sure to reach out and see if we have some open time for those dates.  

For the most part it looks like we will be working with most of all the same groups as last year so it will be great to see all of you this year at the different tracks.

We hope to see you at the events both on track and in the paddock!
Thanks and here's to a successful 2022 for everyone! 

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