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You know the saying be careful of what you wish for?
Well I dont believe that any of us wished for what 2020 is turning out to be so far. 

It is looking like my season of photography is shrinking faster than I care to see, due to the restrictions of a certain virus, my schedule at Mid Ohio is looking to be down to possibly one event in September (and that one is pending confirmation).   Its looking like I will be covering the SCCA Track Night in America events at Pitt Race and hopefully Nelson Ledges this summer / fall.  After that it will be a wait and see situation for me.  

A lot of my fellow photographers have lost their opportunity to see all of you on track both at the Pro and Club level motorsports events.  Be sure to understand none of us wanted it this way and all of us miss seeing you and the fun you have while on and at the tracks across the country.

Be safe both on and off the track and hopefully if we all follow the rules we can make it through this and get to the 2021 season and hope for a redo.   If you happen to see a photog at your event be sure to give them a "Hi".

Thanks, and I hope to see you at some track some day in some way.

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