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Well its the end of the 2021 Season!

It was a good season of growth.

So now the 2021 Motorsports Season has come to a close for me (I believe) and for the most part it was a good season with a lot of fun meeting new people and even getting to back to an old track that I have not been to for quite a while (I was a crew member the last time I was at Nelson Ledges).  

Gridlife was a fun and long event to be a part of.  I got to meet a huge number of people and got to see some very interesting cars on and off track.  Its always fun to work with a new series or group of people as there is a lot to learn.  Who knows what the 2022 Season holds...

Track Night in America and Time Trials National Tours at Pitt Race and Nelson Ledges was a lot of fun to be a part of.  The Pitt Race TT event was a very large and special event for all those involved as they had just about every part of the SCCA holding an event there at some point over the weekend.  I do not know how many cars were there but the place was packed.  Sunday ended early due to some heavy rain that did produce some great photos.

Now for a touch of some (it would seem some bad news):  It would seem the Instagram account that I use has been hacked and shutdown.  I am trying to get it back up as I have a lot of connections that I enjoy interacting with and I want to keep in touch with them.  After some research I am getting the impression that I have a long hard road to get my old account back if its possible at all.  If I get it back I will let everyone know.

Thanks for a great 2021 season at the track despite all of the weirdness off the track.  It was great that so many people can keep a positive outlook at the track while doing fun things despite the challenges in the other parts of their lives.  This gives me positive vibes for the 2022 season what ever it might hold for all of us.
Thanks and look forward to seeing all of you next season!

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